Baranduda Parklands

Barunduda Parklands is rich and diverse in native flora and fauna. Many native animals, woodland birds, and native shrubs, trees and wildflowers can be seen whilst walking along its tracks. The views are also spectacular.


  • Size: 408 hectares
  • Vegetation community: Grassy Dry Forest, Threatened Valley Grassy Forest
  • Landform: Open semi-cleared hillside
  • Classification: Conservation and Recreation

Walking Tracks



Whilst there are lots of pedestrian access points, there are currently only three main access points where parking is availble.  This is likely to change as future housing developments are completed.

  • Baranduda Boulevard, right into Howards Road, left into Echidna Court and right at Fire sign into park
  • From Baranduda Boulevard, right into Boyes Road, left into Avalon Road and drive to the end of this rough dirt track
  • From Kiewa Valley Highway, right into Wodonga - Yackandandah Rd then right into Ridge Lane, after "Old Baranduda" 

Things to do

  • Birdwatching
  • Picnicking
  • Short or Long walks
  • Photography
  • Bike Riding


  • Walking Tracks
  • Carparking



Baranduda Parklands background

The Baranduda Landcare Group was established at the time the Albury Wodonga Corporation gifted 408 hectares of Baranduda to the Crown. At that time Baranduda Parklands was a degraded cow paddock and a sea of purple (Paterspns Curse) and yellow (St Johns Wort and Genista) in spring.

Baranduda Landcare, a sub-group of Kiewa Catchment Landcare, has a vision of restoring native vegetation to hillsides and gullies to create diverse, weed-free environment.

Parklands' Baranduda estate consists of 400ha of open semi-cleared hillside and remnant bushland at the north-eastern end of the Baranduda Range. It forms a critical vegetation link between the adjoining Regional Park (Parks Victoria) and the Kiewa Valley floodplain. It also supports valuable remnants of Grassy Dry Forest, threatened Valley Grassy Forest, rare plants including Tick Indigo Indigofera australis and Slender Tick Trefoil Desmodium varians, and provides habitat for the vulnerable Brushtail Phascogale or Tuan. However, past over-clearing and excessive stock grazing has left a legacy of weeds. Unchecked, weeds are winning the war, threatening the long-term viability of this land. The Baranduda Parklands protection project is a partnership between the Baranduda community (Landcare, Primary School, Scouts, CFA and Lions groups) and parklands. The main project objective is to identify, protect and enhance remnant vegetation and wildlife habitat within and adjoining the Parklands estate. Key components are:

  • Cessation of broad scale, unregulated grazing of hill country and major gully systems.
  • Managed grazing of cleared lower foothills associated with fire access areas.
  • Strategic, sustained and long-term weed control focusing on Paterson's Curse, Blackberry (plus a host of other broad-leaf weeds).
  • Targeted revegetation using indigenous species.
  • Community awareness and participation.

The removal of grazing was the single most effective means of improving the quality of this bushland. Green Corp teams tackled invasive environmental weeds, such as Genista and False Acacia whilst Baranduda Landcare Group implemented biological control programs for Patersons Curse, St Johns Work and Blackberry.

Threatened species recovery programs included installation of nest boxes for Bats and Squirrel Gliders and monitoring of Swainsona Pea, Orchids and Condamine Lizard populations

Baranduda Landcare Group's annual National Tree Day events continue to engage the local community. These initially focused on gullies within Baranduda Parklands. This focus has extended to corridors throughout Baranduda township and school grounds.

Albury Wodonga Mountain Bikers have commenced construction of Stage One of a mountain bike track network. These easy and intermediate "single tracks" are also suitable for walkers. We anticipate that the improved recreational track network will eventually attract major mountain bike events.

Baranduda Parklands