Gateway Island

Gateway Island Parklands is located off the Lincoln Causeway between the cities of Albury and Wodonga.  It stretches along 10 kilometers of the Murray River and tributaries from the Union Bridge through to Stockies Bridge in Wodonga.


  • Parklands office beside Water Parklands
  • The Bhutanese Community Farm 
  • Wetlands with bird hides
  • 10km's of Murray River frontage
  • Size: 116.5 hectares
  • Vegetation community: Riparian bushland
  • Landform: Floodplain
  • Classification: Recreation and conservation

Walking trails:

  • Gateway Island Circuit - 5km paved dual use pathway
  • Gateway Island West - 5km gravel nature trail through bushland and magestic old River Red Gums

Walking track contour map can be found at:

Please note the Gateway Wetlands 1km gravel nature trail shown on the contour map is no longer serviceable. In addition to the floods of 2016 washing away a footbridge, the national infrastructure works in the area have changed the water movements so that it is no longer a wetland.

Access points: 

  • Behind the Gateway Cultural and Arts Village, Gateway Island.
  • End of Harris Road near railway bridge
  • Stockies Bridge accessed via Belvoir Park or the Stock Route near Black Duck cafe
  • Diamond Park

Murray River

Things to do

  • Birdwatching
  • Picnicking
  • Short or Long walks
  • Photography
  • Cycling
  • Rowing, canoeing, kayaking, dragon boating, water skiing on Water Parklands lake
  • Access the Murray River
  • Visit Gateway Village
  • Farmers Market every second Saturday morning


  • Walking/Cycling Tracks
  • Picnic Tables
  • Carparking
  • Bird Hides
  • Heritage Trail
  • River Access
  • Seating
  • Gateway Village (food, toilets, arts and crafts shops, Byrne Lagoon, electric BBQs, picnic tables and shelter)

Gateway Island background

For many years, Gateway Island, lying between Albury and Wodonga was considered an eyesore. A master plan developed by the City of Wodonga has created opportunities for a range of visitor experiences.

Initial work was undertaken by Community Service Order participants from both Victoria and New South Wales, working in partnership with Parklands. This work involved the clearing of willows, blackberries and a significant volume of other weeds such as False Acacia (Robinia psuedoacacia) from the banks of the Murray River, which were replaced by indigenous plants.

The Rotary Club of Albury North assisted in the development of a wetland education trail. The bird hides were relocated, a floating pontoon bridge constructed, tracks formed and the area revegetated.

Hume Bank staff, families and friends have been incrementally revegetating the cleared floodplain over the past decade, creating diverse habitat for native fauna such as the threatened Squirrel Glider and Phascogales.

The Gateway Island Parklands are an important part of the whole Gateway Island redevelopment. Located at the centre of the two cities,with access to the Murray River this parkland have become a major recreational asset. 

Map of Gateway Island Tracks

Gateway Island