Bollards first step to protect Wodonga Creek frontage

Posted: 10 September 2015

Parklands have been successful in a submission to the Victorian Department of Justice & Regulation’s Community Safety Fund to improve the amenity of a popular stretch of Wodonga Creek frontage.

A $10,000 grant will fund bollards and access gates to the Bandiana Link Waterway Reserve, controlling traffic and improving safety for walkers and anglers. Similar works at the 'Waterworks' reserve have been very successful in making the area a pleasant and family friendly recreation spot.

The Green Army will install 1km of bollards at strategic locations and Parklands Rangers will fabricate and install barrier gates for maintenance access.

This base infrastructure will lay the groundwork for community stewardship of the reserve. Parklands rangers find that improvements like this often inspire community users of the reserve to see further possibilities and become involved in making postive changes. 

Parklands supports many 'Friends' groups in the region, assisting community members to enhance our natural bush reserves. If you are interested in joining a 'Friends of Wodonga Creek' group, please contact Community Ranger Anthea Packer.