Vege Wisdom Exchange

Vege Wisdom Exchange

Posted: 11 October 2018

Fifteen keen vege gardeners were interested to view first hand the techniques being used at the Bhutanese Community Farm on 1st October.

The first in our spring Walk 'n Talk series proved popular and a perfect spring day set the scene for a short walk from the SAC to the farm on Gateway Island.

Farm rangers Tilak Chhetri and Rohit Khulal explained the development of the community gardens and led a tour of the beds, discussing the vegetable varieties and organic growing methods. On frequent pauses in the tour, and over a cup of delicious Chai, participants explored a wide range of gardening questions. From composting techniques to the uses of some of the lesser known vegetables and herbs, everyone came away with some new knowledge and insight.

The next garden walk is the Harvest Walk 'n Talk on Friday 2nd November, when we can expect to see many of October's seedlings ready to harvest. Register here.

Tilak and Rohit explain the moon planting system
Netting protect emerging seedlings from raiding pigeons
This soil loosening tool is better than a gym workout!
Discussing varieties and their uses