Engineering with heart supports community projects

Engineering with heart supports community projects

Posted: 12 April 2018

In recent years Albury based firm SJE Consulting have helped Parklands with a range of park infrastructure projects, generously delivering their technical skills at cost.

SJE's technical research has been vital to the certification of bridges, tank stands, jigs for working at heights, and hand rails for regional tracks and trails. Their engineering advice has enabled repurposing of former gantry into footbridges, and restoration of historic trestle bridges, rather than simply building new bridges.

SJE specialise in Civil and Structural Engineering, Environmental Management and Planning and Project Management.

In 2006, SJE undertook the initial Sandy Creek Bridge Feasibility Study, which was the key in securing the funding to reinstate this 600 metre long bridge - now a regional icon. Testament to their professional skill, the actual $1.3m cost for the 600 metre long bridge was within $1,000 of the original SJE cost estimate! The bridge now proudly features as an example on their website

Sustainability is a core value for SJE. Their most recent project with Parklands has been engineer certification of handrails for the Gateway Island tree top trail, which features repurposed steel fencing from the Albury Botanic Gardens.

Many thanks to SJE for your support and dedication to making these community projects a reality.

The new Sandy Creek Bridge, 2012