Parklands coronavirus measures

Parklands coronavirus measures

Posted: 12 March 2020

With the declaration of coronavirus as a pandemic today, preventative measures have come to the forefront.

Parklands rangers feel very fortunate to spend the majority of our time outside in the fresh air, removed to a large degree from potential infection situations.  Back at the Depot, we are following VicHealth guidelines to prevent spread, such as replacing cloth with paper towell and using hand sanitiser.

We are also making changes to our event procedures to minimise risks, such as using disposable gloves at potential points of exchange (marshalling points etc). There are a number  of quite small changes that can be made to avoid contact spread, like asking people to throw their disposable cups and rubbish directly into a bin, to avoid anyone else having to handle used items.

VicHealth urges people to continue healthy habits: exercise, drink water, get plenty of sleep, and quit smoking. We would add: it's autumn and absolutely perfect weather to be out on our bush trails walking, running or riding. Where better to be keeping fit, improving your mental health and boosting your immunity, and spending time with friends without sharing bugs!

Parklands Albury Wodonga's Pandemic Policy is to consider on a continuing basis whether any events involving the attendance of staff or members of the public should be changed, rescheduled or cancelled to minimise the risk of infection.  These decisions will be guided by advice from health professionals.