Plants in, thanks to Pacific Biologics workplace volunteers

Plants in, thanks to Pacific Biologics workplace volunteers

Posted: 12 September 2019

Parklands rangers and community volunteers were thrilled to welcome a small team of extra hands on the job planting this week.

A three-man crew from Pacific Biologics joined planting efforts on the Wodonga Rail Trail on 10th September, with energy left over to finish that job and move on to another site before heading back to work. Pacific Biologics follows impressive sustainability principles, including sending staff from all their offices wordwide out to volunteer for exactly this type of environmental project. 

Altogether 1160 native plants were planted and guarded in the one day. These plants will make a huge difference to both the amenity for we humans and the quality of native habitat of these sites, with the first planting on bare earth mounds at the entrance to the Rail Trail corridor, and the second planting replacing a former thicket of blackberries and other weeds on Chappels Rd. This site has been the subject of years of weed treatments and followup, and the planting marks the start of a new and better environmental cycle.

Many thanks to Mark and the team from Pacific Biologics. Helping hands for planting always much appreciated!

Parklands have many years of experience in providing environmental volunteering opportunities to local workplaces.  We are proud to facilitate the 'Workplaces in Open Spaces' program in partnership with the Wodonga Urban Landcare Network and Wodonga Council; hosting volunteer plantings and park cleanup events, and finding suitable opportunities for businesses to contribute to park improvements in the network of bush parks we manage in the region. If your organisation would like to contribute, please contact us at