Community skills support endangered Squirrel gliders

Community skills support endangered Squirrel gliders

Posted: 13 September 2018

Residents of Jindera may have noticed new nest boxes appearing in trees in local reserves recently. 

The boxes have been manufactured by the skilled volunteers of the Wodonga Mens Shed for Parklands Rangers to install under the Slopes to Summit partnership project.

Boxes are being installed where their is suitable habitat to provide homes to Squirrel and Sugar gliders.

Nest boxes are needed where large old Eucalypt trees, which would normally provide the hollows preferred by gliders to nest and breed, no longer exist. Past clearing in the area has removed the great majority of suitable hollows, which take over 100 years to form.

Providing their is native understorey to supply food, nest boxes can provide a temporary solution while revegetation and regenerating Eucalypts mature. 

A load of boxes newly arrived from the Wodonga Men's Shed
Parklands Ranger Shane Vanderwerf installing a box at Jindera
Nest box in situ