Clean Up options - we're spoilt for choice!

Clean Up options - we're spoilt for choice!

Posted: 14 January 2021

With the outdoors the place to be in these times, local parks, trails and waterways are definitely being impacted by the increase in community use. Parklands Rangers and our Friends and Landcare volunteers have noticed more rubbish in bush reserves and waterways; more takeaway containers and drink bottles, and even dumped houshold waste.  

Parklands would love to know locals will be searching out rubbish for Clean Up Australia week in March, and there are plenty of options for joining the action.

Clean Up Australia's website has activities from cleaning up a specific site to adopting a street or getting into a 'Plog-a-thon', all set out and supported. Head to to find your clean-up of choice, register your interest and get started. 

While we are not currently planning to run any public events, if you would like some suggestions for clean-up sites, Parklands rangers are happy to help. Please contact us at