Spectacular wildflower season continues

Spectacular wildflower season continues

Posted: 14 November 2019

The dry season seems to have suited native wildflowers throughout the region, with numerous walkers in the local bush parks commenting on spectacular and prolific displays of flowers.

Our Castle Creek Wildflower walks have been very popular and did not disappoint, with a rolling display unfolding with the season.

After our first spring walk in September, October delivered gems such as Yam daisies, Purple beard, Leopard and Salmon sun orchids, Chocolate and Vanilla lillies, Milkmaids and Rice flowers.

On our final walk in November, walkers were treated to stunning Blue pincushions, yellow Billy buttons, Spear grasses, Bush peas, Trigger plants, Wahlenbergia, Blue finger flower and daisies. Dianella and Yellow Rush lillies were just beginning to flower.

While this was our final guided Wildflower Walk 'n Talk for this year, Parklands managed reserves are open to all and easily accessed through pedestrian chicane gates. You are welcome to use the many walking tracks and enjoy the beautiful bush in this most bountiful season.

Ranger Danny Jones leads the close scrutiny of the ground layer
Purple Beard orchid