Pick OUR Projects - Cast your vote now!

Pick OUR Projects - Cast your vote now!

Posted: 16 August 2018

Voting is now open for the Victorian State Government's Pick My Project initiative. Parklands is supporting two High Country Rail Trail projects that are in the mix for this funding round, and we are seeking your vote!

The first project is Bridging the Gap between Tallangatta and Shelley, seeking funds to restore the last remaining section of historic bridge and gravel rail trail. Over the past four years, the local community has invested $397,776 worth of time in fencing, weed control, felling and milling timber locally to restore five historic trestle bridges and establish low level crossings around another six water crossings.  They need $91,300 to 'bridge the gap' and ensure the 85km Shelley to Tallangatta to Wodonga rail trail can be opened and accessible to all on foot, bicycle and horse. 

The second project is the Gateway Island Tree Top Trail, seeking $89,000 to construct 1km elevated trail and hand rails on 3 bridges.  The funds will grade and gravel a one kilometre elevated nature trail and install 600 metres of chainmesh hand rails on three former railway bridges. Once complete, this stunning trail will connect cyclists and pedestrians of all ages and abilities to the CBD of both Albury and Wodonga via the raised railway corridor through Gateway Island.

Funds will be awarded by the Victorian Government according to citizen's votes - YOUR votes! Here's how:

1. Open the Pick My Project site in your browser https://pickmyproject.vic.gov.au/ You'll need to register for a Pick My Project account and select the local community you wish to vote in. You'll be shown a minimum of 30 projects in your local community from which you'll be able to vote for your three favourites.

2. Please select these two projects and one other that is of interest to you 



3. Cast your votes!