Pleasant encounter with Social Enterprise

Pleasant encounter with Social Enterprise

Posted: 17 August 2017

As evidenced by projects like the Bhutanese Community Farm, Parklands are strong advocates for Social Enterprise.

Social Enterprise combines the goals of social good and making money in one endeavour. We are always pleased to find more such projects emerging in the local community.

This week we were treated to a special lunch at a planning meeting, courtesy of the Wodonga Flexible Learning Centre's Social Enterprise catering service.

Students at the centre provide delicious and beautifully presented food for a range of occasions. In the case of our business lunch, this included meat and vegetarian wraps with a hint of asian flavour, along with delicate bisuits and slices. We can highly recommend them!

If you would like to support Social Enterprise next time you need catering, the students of the Flexible Learning Centre will be happy to oblige. Contact Kirsten Coates at