Wildflower Walk in Castle Creek Conservation Reserve

Wildflower Walk in Castle Creek Conservation Reserve

Posted: 19 October 2017

Sue Brunskill led a small but keen group of wildflower enthusiasts on the second of our Castle Creek Wildflower walks last Sunday.

The walks have been spaced to take advantage of the unfolding season, and once again the mix of plants in flower had changed. We were fortunate enough to see Chocolate Lilies and the first of the Sun Orchids just starting to flower, as well as a range of groundcovers and shrubs from Urn Heath to Dilwynnia. The box trees were flowering, with Helmeted Honeyeaters amongst the many birds enjoying their bounty.

Many thanks Sue for your expertise and enthusiasm in leading this walk.

Our next walk is scheduled for Wednesday 1st November and we anticipate many of the orchids we saw sending up flowerheads on this walk will be in full flower by then.

Walkers pause to search for elusive orchids
Sue explains the values of the Handsome Flat-Pea
Evidence of Psyllids on Eucalypt leaf - an important food source for small birds
Beautiful flowers of the Small-leaf Bush Pea - find the insect enjoying them too!
Slender Rice-flower were in abundance in the reserve
These Black-anther Flax Lilies will flower in the coming weeks.