Growing Community on Gateway Island Farm

Growing Community on Gateway Island Farm

Posted: 02 August 2018

The Community Farm on Gateway Island is fulfilling the vision of it's creators by becoming a multicultural hub.

This week, members of the local Congolese community started digging 28 new garden beds, joining those nurtured by the Bhutanese community since 2015.

By next week, a good many more plots will be taken up as a result of the upcoming Community Farm Plot Auction. This will allocate individual beds to community members who have expressed interest. 

Farm Ranger Tilak Chhetri has taken expressions of interest in the new plot release from people from a wide range of cultural backgrounds and stages of life.

The farm this spring promises to be a hive of cultural exchange, all with the common vision of producing fresh, organic vegetables.

Members of the Congolese community prepare new garden beds.