Record season a double-edged sword

Record season a double-edged sword

Posted: 02 February 2017

A great season for growth has dramatically boosted the success rate of Parklands 2016 plantings around Albury and Wodonga. Walkers on our tracks and trails are remarking that plants have almost jumped out of the ground, many with their heads well above the competition and their guards. Good news for local bush habitat and amenity!

The flip side is also evident. Local farmers rate this season as the best growth season since 1974, and that becomes problematic for rangers trying to keep pasture grasses under control in the bush parks. Where native grasses would be much more sparse, non-native pasture grasses become rampant with spring and summer rain. Our rangers are frankly having trouble keeping up.

Added to the mowing requirements have been issues with fallen trees, which need to be chainsawed and removed and which have had other consequences (see above photo!) On Gateway Island one tree has lifted the concrete footpath to such an extent that an engineering solution is required. This will take some time to plan properly and find the means to carry out.

As a community organisation with limited resources - people, finances and equipment - we are doing our best to meet the challenges of the season. Parklands rangers are prioritising maintaining track edges for the safety of trail users and slashing firebreak zones. Volunteers continue the task of removing environmental weeds and restoring habitat. 

We thank you for your patience and understanding, and appreciate your offers of assistance.

This substantial tree blocked the Gateway island path in December, requiring several days of chainsawing to clear.
Damage to the Gateway Island path caused by the roots of a falling tree