So ends a long summer of weeds

So ends a long summer of weeds

Posted: 20 February 2020

Parklands rangers have just two words to describe their activities over the summer months. 'Weeding' has definitely been number one, punctuated here and there by 'fencing'.

Danny Jones has focussed on the weeds on Baranduda Range, particularly south of Ridge Lane. Briar Rose and Blackberry have been in his sights there, with Tree of Heaven next on the list. He has also discovered beautiful remant bush and amazing views in his slow traverse of the range.

Rangers Tilak Chhetri and Corbin Geyer, have been attacking woody weeds with community volunteers on Yackandandah Creek using every means possible; spraying, cut and paint, drill and fill. They have covered a huge area and likewise revealed some very nice bush habitat.

Ant Packer and team have been fortunate to be able to wade in the Kiewa River on the hottest days, eliminating willow regrowth and young saplings to follow up the major willow removal works of 2019. Ants team have also been fencing and weeding on Gateway Island.

As autumn approaches, rangers will diversify back into general programming, with events including the Riverina Trails running series, the Bhutanese Community Farm's 'Tastes of the Garden', Parklands Volunteer Ranger and Park Stewardship programs all kicking off in March. Cultural events in Ryans Lagoon and activities to implement the new Management plan for the area also begin in March.

The cooler weather will allow assessment of the rehabilitation requirements of the Bears Hill WREN reserve burnt in the Wodonga bushfire.