Huon Hill emerges as a favourite local experience

Huon Hill emerges as a favourite local experience

Posted: 20 June 2022

Huon Hill Regional Park has gradually been attracting more patronage as our community expands and people seek out natural areas to reconnect and revitalise.

Hiding in plain sight, the Huon Hill Parklands have certainly been an unrecognised gem amongst our regional parks, coming into it’s own as improvements have been made and more people become aware of it’s magnificent views and recreation opportunities.  

In 2021 several projects created significant changes, including a new rock shelter and a trail upgrade.  The conversion of the pedestrian trail to accommodate 2WD vehicles, a project undertaken by Jacksons Earthmoving using recycled concrete, has enabled less mobile people to access Huon Hill Lookout and take in the magnificent views in all directions.   A big thanks to Bushfire Recovery Victoria for their financial support for these projects.

Last weekend the local running community once again enjoyed the popular Huon Hill trail run along the lookout trail, after a two-year hiatus. Having organised the popular Riverina Trail Running Series for nine years, Parklands Albury Wodonga has handed the baton to adventure specialist Jarad Kohlar and Peak Adventures.  

Thanks Jarad and the many volunteers who helped ensure a safe and enjoyable Huon Hill run, bringing the Riverina Trail Running Series back for a 10th year.  The record attendance on Sunday demonstrates just how passionate our residents are for the Albury Wodonga hills.

As one of the fastest growing cities in Victoria, the spreading of housing estates around Huon Hill necessitates a rethink on how the regional park is managed into the future.

Parklands Albury Wodonga manages the Kiewa River and Murray River trails as well as some sections of Huon Hill. Grazing has been used as a management tool in these parks for fuel reduction over the past two decades.  However, grazing impacts on biodiversity conservation outcomes and public safety, and increases weed control requirements. Please tell us what sort of experience you would prefer on Huon Hill and the Kiewa River Regional Park in this short, three question survey.

Hard to beat this view!