For the Greater Good of the Greater Glider

Posted: 20 October 2016

A group of local young women made a significant contribution to the wellbeing of native fauna in Baranduda last weekend.

Seventeen Youth Albury Wodonga girls undertook a Community Service day on Saturday 15 October with Parklands community ranger Ant Packer.

Together they removed old netting and old fences at Baranduda Bushlands, improving the amenity and making it easier for wildlife - and people - to get around.

Wire, especially barbed wire, is a particular hazard for the rare Greater Glider. This threatened species can still be found in the Baranduda range and every effort is being made to protect them. They are especially vulnerable to being caught by sharp wires, which catch firmly in their gliding membrane and leave them hanging to die of starvation, exposure or predation.

Our thanks to the youth of the region for recognising native wildlife as part of our community, and being willing to do something about it!

Parklands encourages community stewardship of Albury-Wodonga's unique network of environmental lands. Community groups and residents interested in 'on ground' work or enabling recreational activities on Parklands managed lands are welcome to contact us to discuss options. Any works on Parklands-managed lands require written permission. Please contact us at