Kiewa River access at Baranduda - community survey now open

Kiewa River access at Baranduda - community survey now open

Posted: 22 November 2021

Parklands Albury Wodonga have been working with a new Friends of the Kiewa River Group to plan restoration works and pedestrian access to a section of the Kiewa River in Baranduda that is accessible down the closed section of Chapples Road.

Community feedback is invited regarding environmental restoration and works on Chapples Rd to provide pedestrian public access to the Kiewa River at Baranduda.

Key elements of the proposed works

Please refer to the map below.

Pedestrian access is proposed with boardwalks across two unnamed waterways. These will involve the hand digging of ten footings.

As this area is seasonally inundated, it is proposed to only have a sprayed earthen trail, similar to the popular Kiewa River trail at Killara, which is inaccessible during floods.

Please have your say via our online survey. Participation is entirely voluntaryand ndividual responses will remain confidential. Your participation is anonymous by default, unless you decide to leave your details with us.

Please take the survey here:

Parklands Albury Wodonga acknowledges the support of the Ross Trust for this program.