Long-term team effort pays off for Padman Park

Long-term team effort pays off for Padman Park

Posted: 23 April 2020

It is refreshing to return to Padman-Mates Park to undertake minor follow up bush restoration work when comparing with the earlier days.  What this regional community has achieved at this degraded site is something we all should be really proud of.  What a team effort it has been! 

Parklands Rangers have in past weeks been traversing the steep slopes of the hill; clambering, sliding and crawling on hands and knees to remove the last of the woody weeds and treat the persistent Bridal Creeper. Sturdy footwear, keen nerves and hardy ankles and knees are a must for this job!

This regular maintenance work tops off the extraordinary efforts of local volunteers, Green Army teams and students over the years to clean up the park, remove the weeds that had overrun the entire area and replant with native species.

Check out the splendid views of the river that were impossible in the early days when the Wagirra Trail was a muddle pot-hole fire trail surrounded by walls of woody weeds.

Unfortunately the bat colony at Padman Park has prevented removal of all woody weeds due to the safety hazards of working near this large bat population.

A glorious view of the Murray River from Padman Park
All views were obscured by invasive weeds back in 2005
2005 weeds - you name it, it's here!
Work begins, 2005