Latest grading brings the CBD Rail Trail vision closer

Posted: 23 March 2017

A huge thanks to the City of Wodonga for providing a significant boost to the progress of the new Rail Trail between Thomas Mitchell Drive and Reid St.

The Council grader has recently worked the trail, showing what a few hours of heavy machinery can achieve.

This section of the trail has been pretty unpleasant even on foot due to the rough surface, and certainly not bike-friendly. Parklands volunteers and neighbours to the old rail corridor have been working in rough conditions removing environmental weeds and planting native beds beside the track for several years. While the plants have grown well, it's been hard to imagine the site as an urban rail trail. 

Now, with this section of the track graveled, graded and rolled, we can really see the possibilities. It is a huge step forward and Parklands rangers are excited by the momentum this will provide to community support for the trail.

Parklands are seeking sponsors for the provision of more gravel for the trail. Gravel is needed to top dress the track along a critical 5 km, at a cost of $3800 per km. Achieving this would make the new trail useable while Parklands works with State and regional organisations towards the ultimate goal of sealed track.

Look, no lumps! Lawrence St section looking towards Thomas Mitchell Drive.
Lawrence St looking towards Reid St
Thomas Mitchell Drive looking towards Lawrence St.