Birds abound in the Box Gum environs

Birds abound in the Box Gum environs

Posted: 25 October 2021

Last week we published Ranger Chris’s list of birds counted on Gateway Island for the Backyard Bird Count, with 13 different species noted.

Chris’ list from later in the week at McFarlanes Hill is equally as impressive, with a total of 12 different bird species spotted during the 20-minute survey.

The Superb Fairy wrens were the hands down winners for abundance, thriving in the rich habitat provided by the restored Box Gum grassy woodland environs of these remnant bush reserves.

Chris’ survey was one of 243 submitted in the 3690 postcode area alone, where 123 species were sighted: 6858 birds in total!

Find out what birds were sighted in your postcode here. 

Chris' list from McFarlanes Hill last week