DIY Park activities: Identifying Frogs

DIY Park activities: Identifying Frogs

Posted: 26 March 2020

If you're out in a park with flowing or standing water around dusk you will most likely hear at least one type of frog announcing it's presence. But what type of frog is it?

More than 240 species of frog are found in Australia, and we have quite a few right here in Albury Wodonga; both common and rare. However, these accomplished ventriloquists are often pretty tricky to find, so getting a good look turns out to be the hardest way to identify them.

Enter the amazing Frog ID app! Developed by the Australian Museum, the app can be downloaded to your phone and used out in the park to identify frogs by their voice. You can not only teach yourself to recognise the different frogs by their calls, but add to the knowledge bank of which frogs live where, and what they are up to in different seasons.

The app is available from the Australian Museum FrogID website, along with a wealth of information from frog researchers. It's free and offers a new dimension to your usual walk in the park. 

Wait, is that an Eastern Dwarf Tree frog that I hear?? Let me check my app...