Garden expands to meet growing demand

Garden expands to meet growing demand

Posted: 27 July 2017

Neither flood nor frost have dampened the enthusiasm of Community Farm Ranger Tilak Chhetri for organic gardening.

Always willing to try new crops and improve techniques in reponse to the challenges raised by the site, Tilak is confident of a bumper harvest this Spring.

Volunteers attend daily at the farm to keep the gardens in production; making compost, creating new beds, planting, weeding and harvesting.

In recent months the farm has achieved a long-held goal of being able to supply fresh vegetables each and every week. So far this winter over 200kg of mustard greens have been harvested, and the beds continue to expand.

Farm rangers have gradually developed a good system for creating new garden beds; laying a thick blanket of carpet and black plastic to kill weeds before turning the soil and mounding up beds. One of the most important elements has been netting as soon as the beds are planted, to exclude cockatoos.

The farm produces a range of greens year round as well as seasonal fruits and vegetables, many of which are hard to find elsewhere locally. This summer the team will also be harvesting their first crop of wheat: hand produced, local, organic grain!

Produce is sold locally via Facebook at

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The first step in bed preparation is a thick layer of carpet...
After a month or more, the carpet is removed to reveal the dead weeds. These are them easily removed or dug in.
The garden has expanded considerably since last summer. Note the low netting preventing cockatoos from destroying seedlings.
Mustard greens ready for harvest. Great in a curry!!