Towards net zero - in your local parks

Towards net zero - in your local parks

Posted: 28 June 2021

Carbon neutral (or net zero emissions) by 2030 is apparently what we all need to be aiming for. But what is that, exactly?

Carbon neutrality for a person, an organisation, a community or a business, is achieved when carbon emissions are reduced to as near zero as possible, and the remaining emissions are countered by ‘offset’ activities. These are activities which other people do on your behalf, that further reduce or even reverse the emissions you generate. Planting trees is a recognised ‘offset’ activity, but there are many other examples as well.

Many businesses are well on the path to carbon neutrality, and we believe they are worth supporting. Parklands source our electricity from PowerShop and our mobile phone plans from GoodTel – both nationally registered Climate Active accredited organisations.

Climate Active is the Australian certification body supporting businesses to measure, reduce, and offset carbon emissions. The Climate Active website allows people to identify and choose brands that are making a real effort to lessen their negative impact on the environment. It is well worth a look, for both inspiration and with future carbon neutral suppliers in mind.

Formal accreditation is not an option available to all however - it takes time and money, and that investment flows away from our community. Parklands are proud to work with many local businesses, large and small, who are not formally accredited but are nevertheless taking real steps towards carbon neutrality – examining their business practices and participating in projects that offset their emissions.  This winter local businesses SmartAir (aviation), Albury Wodonga Commercial (real estate) and WAW Credit Union are voluntarily planting with us in our regional parks to offset their emissions.

Supporting businesses with the Climate Active trade mark is just one way to support climate action. While Parklands Albury Wodonga is not a formally accredited carbon offset supplier, we encourage local organisations and businesses to roll up their sleeves and invest time or sponsorship in local planting days in our regional parks.

Offset planting with partner AW Commercial in 2019