Taking it on: reducing business carbon emissions

Taking it on: reducing business carbon emissions

Posted: 03 August 2021

Last year the United Nations Environment Programme said the world has done such a poor job of cutting emissions, that in order to keep global warming to 1.5 Celcius we now need to cut emissions by 7.6 per cent every year for the next decade. 

It is not just up to governments to do something.  It is important that all of us; community, business and government step up and do our bit.  Each and every one of us are capable of doing something individually and in the workplace.

Our Albury Wodonga business community is acting on climate change.  Have a look around and see some of the initiatives happening. 

For instance, one of PAW’s supporting partners MarsPetcare Australia announced in March 2021 that it was transitioning to using renewable electricity to offset 100% of the power at its six factories and two offices in Australia.  Mars has become one of the first Australian companies on its way to hitting its 100% renewable electricity goal with a major power purchase agreement, that will see all its power needs met by renewable energy from Victoria's largest solar farm.

Wodonga Abattoirs has reduced it’s energy use and emissions by a third by installing a tri-generation plant to supply electricity, hot water and steam.  The abattoir and rendering businesses are among several integrated family owned entities which process red meat for export and convert abattoir waste products into useful by-products.

City of Wodonga recently joined VECO, the Victorian Energy Collaboration, the largest ever emissions reduction project by local government in Australia.  From 1 July 2021, there will be 100 percent renewable electricity to City of Wodonga council buildings as part of a collaborative power purchase agreement.  Not only will our local government be reducing it’s carbon footprint, VECO is expected to save Councils up to 35 per cent on their electricity bills, based on current costs.

There are specialists who can help.  Business Wodonga recently wrote about David Coleman, Transport and Freight specialist from Albury Wodonga, who has become an accredited Global Climate Initiatives expert.  His business specialises in helping the transport and freight industries calculate their carbon footprint.

Parklands Albury Wodonga are currently writing our Annual Report for 2020-21.  We look forward to sharing our own emissions reduction journey as part of this report.