The pleasures of being a Ranger

The pleasures of being a Ranger

Posted: 30 April 2020

One of the great pleasures of our work as Rangers is first hand experience of the jewels of our regional environmental lands.  

High quality remnant vegetation can be both uncommon and difficult to access, yet we do find hidden gems in the midst of suburbia.  These photos taken in Lavington prove the point.

They also illustrate the importance of weed control, with natives able to get started where woody weeds have been removed.

Weeding is the biggest challenge in our environmental lands. Weeds like Bridal Creeper flourish in the steepest hills and deepest gullies in Albury, places where they can get a good start out of sight and require a significant effort to get to.

With local bush users keeping an eye out, volunteers and Rangers willing to take on the hard work of treatment, we are up to the task.  It certainly has its rewards.

If you see weeds sneaking in to our environmental lands, please let us know!

These small Kurrajong Trees have been able to establish where woody weeds have been removed
Weedy Bridal Creeper has escaped into this high quality remnant vegetation, requiring constant vigilance to find and treat
Understorey shrubs like this Grevillea alpina make this remnant bush all the more valuable as habitat
Healthy remnant bushland in the heart of Albury