Revegetation projects in full swing

Revegetation projects in full swing

Posted: 04 July 2019

Winter is planting season and no matter the weather, Parklands rangers are out and about getting plants into the ground while the soil moisture is good.

Thousands of plants are going in and further sites are being prepared for planting into habitat restoration projects across the region.

The High Country Rail Trail east of Wodonga and near Bullioh east of Tallangatta, Wodonga Retained Environment Network reserves, Middle Creek and the Kiewa River will all benefit from this season's addition of grasses, groundcovers, understorey shrubs and native trees.

Depending on the site, the plants are targetted to restore habitat to bare land, manage erosion risk in riparian zones, slow water movement on slopes, repair wetlands, link up habitat corridors, supplement habitat and provide missing layers in existing bush remnants.

Volunteers are welcome to join restoration activities at Friday morning Park Stewardship sessions; please see our events page for locations.