Parklands - Planting the seeds of Love

Parklands - Planting the seeds of Love

Posted: 04 June 2015

We have planted a lot of plants over the years but in 2012 a seed of love was planted at Parklands.

In late 2011 Charles Sturt University Environmental Studies student Megan volunteered with us.  Megan was volunteering at Parklands to gain practical experience in the environmental restoration field and to meet people. Around the same time a young lad named Luke was also volunteering. Luke had been with us for some time gaining hands-on skills and also looking to meet people. You can see where this is heading...

In January 2012, Megan and Luke happened to be working with the Parklands Rangers at the same location and during the day befriended each other. Over the coming weeks, a strong bond developed between the two and it was no surprise when the two started dating. In mid 2012 Megan and Luke announced that they were heading up to Mudgee to visit Luke’s family for a while, so Parklands lost a couple of keen volunteers.

While in Mudgee, Megan managed to secure a job with an environmental restoration/ landscaping company and she and Luke moved up there to live. Luke also found a job there. Life was great. Luke celebrated his 21st birthday in November 2012 and that night proposed to Megan. She gladly accepted.

A couple of the Parklands rangers have kept in contact with Megan and were very excited to see that Megan and Luke were married on the 21st of March 2015. All of us at Parklands Albury Wodonga wish them a lifetime full of health, wealth and happiness. We are proud to have met the two of you and to have a small hand in the planting of the seed of love between you both. Congratulations Megan and Luke.