Rescue and Return - a local success story

Rescue and Return - a local success story

Posted: 06 February 2020

Tiny Squirrel glider 'Pixie' weighed just 30g when she was found on the ground in an urban Wodonga park on 1st October last year. She had been ejected from the family nest as she was not developing as well as her stronger siblings.

Rescued by members of the park Friends group, she was cared for by wildlife carers at Baranduda and the Kangaloola Wildlife Shelter, starting with 4 hourly feeds by syringe!

By December Pixie weighed 103g, and was learning the basics of finding food, climbing and fending for herself at the Kangaloola facilities.

Now, she has been released back to the park and is successfully living with her kin. She is a beautiful creature with long bushy black tail, able to climb and glide from tree to tree as if she has never left.

Congratulations to all involved for the dedicated care that saved one tiny individual, to add to the national effort of bringing this threatened species back from the brink. 

Pixie and carer Chris, 3 months later