Community turns out to recognise Working for Vic team

Community turns out to recognise Working for Vic team

Posted: 07 January 2021

This week Parklands rangers joined North East Catchment Management Authority staff, the local Working for Victoria team and volunteers from local Landcare and Friends groups to express appreciation for the Working for Victoria program to Minister Jaala Pulford during her visit to the Border. 

Employed in 2020 by the North East CMA under the Victorian government initiative, Working for Victoria teams have been working on a range of environmental projects in the region.

Wodonga team members were pleased to introduce Minister Pulford to some of the works in progress on the Kiewa River at Killara, including new bollards and picnic tables which are being installed to improve amenity, and follow-up treatment of environmental woody weed work removing Black Willows, Poplars and Box Elders – vital work for the health of the waterway environment. 

Our thanks to Minister Pulford for making the time to meet with the Working for Victoria team. Thank you also to the representatives of Landcare and Friends groups who joined to delegation to ensure the Minister heard just how grateful our regional community is for the support from this highly skilled team. 

Thank you to the staff of North East Catchment Management Authority for managing this program and sharing this valuable resource across the region between Trust for Nature, Landcare, Friends Group and Crown land sites.