Bird-bath ruminations turn into scientific research

Bird-bath ruminations turn into scientific research

Posted: 07 July 2016

Our backyard gardens provide habitat, food and water for many birds living in Albury and Wodonga, the small towns and farms throughout the region.

As keen bird habitat restorers ourselves, Parklands rangers are excited to have found a 'citizen science' project on birdlife that can transform our everyday observations of birds in our back yards into valuable research.

Thanks to Deakin and Griffith Universities, if you have a bird bath or bird feeder in your backyard, you have all the ingredients to contribute to an important study comparing birdlife in urban and rural areas.

The Australian Bird Feeding & Watering Study aims to examine the feeding and watering of garden birds throughout Australia, including which species use bird feeders and baths and how our behaviours and garden habits may impact or influence the birds that visit.

Read more and sign up as a 'citizen scientist' at