Threatened Species Day brought to you by Sloane's Froglet.

Threatened Species Day brought to you by Sloane's Froglet.

Posted: 07 September 2021

This 2021 Threatened Species Day we bring you the endangered Sloanes Froglet Crinia sloanei.

This tiny frog is almost impossible to spot, but you can certainly hear it calling and now is the peak calling season.

As we in the border region are in prime Sloane's habitat, it's pretty exciting to know that you may well have a very rare little amphibian in a wet area near you.

Sloane's are known to be living around Thurgoona, but lately previously unrecorded populations have been identified across the border in several Wodonga locations.

Have you heard a Sloane's Froglet? Have a listen here and next time you are out and about you may just notice this distinctive call.

If you do, get excited, and let someone know! These little fellows are in need of our help as their habitat goes under concrete and bitumen.

Every new recording on the FrogID app adds to the knowledge base, and helps make sure everyone will be able to hear a Sloane's Froglet in years to come.

A frogging sunset in Thurgoona. Frogs are using calling their best at sunset. Images: Karen Retra