Fulford Bridge restoration complete

Posted: 08 September 2017

The final phase in the restoration of Fulford Bridge was completed without a hitch last week.

Fine weather assisted the smooth operation of transporting specially milled timber to the site and placing it on the steel structure.

16o decking planks and 52 metres of side skirting beams, milled from timber donated by local farmers, were bolted to the newly cleaned and painted steel beams of the bridge.

The restoration project was completed in three phases. Firstly the bridge was stripped back to enable assesment and planning of the work required. A temporary fix was applied while material, labour and expertise were found for the restoration work. Next, the old metal side rails and decking planks were removed, paving the way for this final phase.

The volunteer members of the Bonegilla and Tallangatta Rail Trail Advisory Groups have been working towards this moment for some years. The groups wish to acknowledge the support of Bruce Campbell, Ewan Carkeek and Doug Burt in milling and transporting the timber for this final phase.

Fulford Bridge is open and operating once again, restored to it's former glory!