Virtual Volunteer Opportunities

Posted: 09 April 2020

If you have an interest in environmental planning and management, interpretation, local history, community development or social entrepreneurship, Parklands invites you to work with us as a virtual volunteer.

Our unique value proposition is mobilising community to deliver large scale environmental and park projects across land tenures. Collectively we are able to 'make the impossible possible', supporting community aspirations and delivering positive change on a large scale and often very little funding.

Our approach is to secure all the required plans, permits and designs so that projects are supported by the community and 'shovel ready' before funding is even sought. We 'chip away' at park projects, not waiting until a bag of gold arrives. We develop partnerships, scope works, find in-kind support, scan for the needed funds. Behind the scenes, paperwork and processes, form filling and liaison with various landowners and land managers continue. When funding does come in, we can hit the ground running, quite literally, the day after the grant contract is signed. 

We can do this because we have been privileged to receive significant support from skilled volunteers over the years. 

If you have these skills, we seek your help. We know there is one thing worse than nothing to do, and that is being 'under-employed', with some things to do but not much.  If this is where you are at, perhaps you would like to share your skills and help PAW with future planning?

Just some of potential jobs a virtual volunteer could assist with include:

  • Feasibility / Business Cases for components of park projects identified in our 2030 Strategic Plan
  • Partnership brokering - who can we work with / support to deliver park projects
  • Interpretive signage (content and photos)
  • Sculpture trail design
  • Nature playground designs

Please contact us to discuss your area of interest and how we can help each other