Crafters respond to wildlife in crisis

Crafters respond to wildlife in crisis

Posted: 09 January 2020

Alongside the terrible losses to our regional communities are the thousands of native animals unable to outrun the fires. Those that did somehow survive now face starvation in the short term through destruction of their food sources, and inability to find new homes longer term. Think of all of those birds and animals that rely on tree hollows to breed, from our iconic cockies, rosellas, possums and gliders to the lesser known bats and tuans...

If you would like to help in the short term, WIRES has good information in their Bushfire factsheet.

As well as calling for funds for veterinary medical supplies, wildlife support services are using handmade specialist items like soft cotton pouches for the immediate needs of orphaned and injured wildlife. Groups such as the Animal Rescue Collective have also foreshadowed the enormous need for nest boxes to replace tree hollows in burnt out areas for future breeding seasons.

ARC's Facebook pages have collected patterns and instructions for making a whole range of supplies for wildlife suitable for people with even the smallest craft or handyperson skills; knitting, crochet, sewing, carpentry and welding. Soft craft patterns can be found  through the 'files' section of the Animal Rescue Collective Craft Guild Carpentry and workshop craft patterns can be found through the 'files' section of the Animal Rescue Collective MacGyver Makers Guild 

Local wildlife shelter Kangaloola has been overwhelmed with offers of help and cannot accomodate more volunteers at present. They are asking people to donate to their bushfire appeal at 

Chiltern Wildlife shelter is also fundraising to accomodate rescued animals. See their donation page here.