What we do ...focus on sustainable future

Parklands, a cross-border, not for profit, community organisation, is undertaking projects that are providing benefits to the region in terms of conservation, recreation, tourism and cultural heritage management. Larger projects include: 

Revegetation of 80km’s of water frontages along the Lower Kiewa River, Murray River and tributaries with indigenous vegetation;
Protecting the endangered flora of McFarlanes Hill and Baranduda Parklands; and
The rehabilitation and establishment of the High Country Rail Trail from Wodonga to Corryong.

How we work … focus on sustainable inclusive partnerships

Parklands builds COMMUNITY RESILIENCE through a commitment to a partnership culture. The organization has facilitated over 95 community-business-government partnerships to protect and enhance the natural and cultural heritage values of the regional parklands network.

Parklands proactively supports social inclusion through allocating resources to specifically support the involvement of marginalized groups such as Indigenous, dis-Ability and long term unemployed.
Resources are focused on the longer term. That is, fostering community stewardship with youths and workplaces – future generations and people not traditionally involved with natural resource management.

Sustainability is the key:

“If you want to go quickly, go alone.  If you want to go further, go together”

Lots of people all giving a little time, financial support and / or participating in Parklands events.

Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. Through connecting people with nature and community we are building regional resilience. No matter the challenges in the future, by working together regional communities are able to lead innovative changes to ensure their economies, environments and communities thrive.

Leave a Bequest

Parklands and our partners are working to ensure Parklands has a healthy future — but we can’t do it alone. We invite you to consider including the organization in your Will.

Model Bequest

I give to Parklands Albury Wodonga Limited Public Fund ABN 75 109 213 121 in aid of:

its general purposes OR

b) the specific purpose of [insert here]
• the sum of $[XXXXX] OR
• the residue of my estate OR
• a [X] % share of the residue of my estate
• all my property known as [PROPERTY FOLIO NUMBER] situated at [ADDRESS OF PROPERTY]

• if any of my nominated beneficiaries predecease me, the bequest 
shall not fail but I give the share of my deceased beneficiary to Parklands Albury Wodonga Limited and I declare that the receipt of the Chairman, or Treasurer or authorized officer of Parklands Albury Wodonga Ltd shall be a sufficient discharge to my Executors for my bequest.

SOURCE: “Standard of Bequest Fundraising Practice” (2011) Fundraising Institute of Australia.