Take the 7 Summit Challenge and Crowdraise for our Cause

Take the 7 Summit Challenge and Crowdraise for our Cause

Parkland's 7 Summit Challenge invites you to make your way to the summit of seven spectacular local peaks. Enjoy the journey, love the views, soak up the natural beauty and raise funds for our latest cause.

The fundraising is done by sharing your challenge with friends through the GiveNow Crowdraising app. Then walk, run or crawl those hills (we don't mind how you get there!) and post a selfie from the summit of each to prove you've made it.

Our Cause: Gateway Island Boardwalks

Gateway Island is an oasis of nature linking Albury and Wodonga. Encircled by the Murray River and Wodonga Creek, the island is a haven for people seeking to connect with our unique environment. Walkers, runners, cyclists, swimmers, picnickers, fishers and birdwatchers are regular visitors.

Parklands Albury-Wodonga have been restoring the bush parks and trails in this community jewel with the help of volunteer labour, donated materials  and funds raised through community events such as fun-runs. Years of planting and weeding have created a beautiful bush corridor along the waterways encircling the island.

A full circuit trail is almost finished, with only 3 boardwalks needed to join the existing sections. Our final hurdle is the replacement of 3 broken down timber bridges.

Parklands already have steel I-beams and ex-bridge concrete sleepers donated for these boardwalks. These will be re-purposed to create frames and decking for the three crossings. $10,000 is needed for heavy machinery and extra materials to construct and install the boardwalks.

All donations greatly appreciated, and we look forward to meeting you on the Gateway Island Trail!

The summits:

  1. Mahers Hill
  2. Huon Hill
  3. Federation Hill
  4. McFarlanes Hill
  5. Eastern Hill 
  6. Nail Can Hill 
  7. Budginigi

Your challenge:

  • Set yourself up with a Crowdraising page for our Cause,
  • Locate the hills and plan your hike -  maps HERE,
  • Climb the hills,
  • Take a snap at the top of each (find the Parklands logo) and post on our Facebook page.
  • Let your supporters know you've achieved the challenge! Share your selfie with friends #7Summits