In the early 1970’s, the Albury Wodonga Development Corporation (AWDC) instigated an ambitious urban development project with a vision to establish regional parklands based on the unique bio-diverse nature of the region.

Initially, the various parcels of land were owned and/or managed by a range of organisations which included:

Albury-Wodonga Development Corporation
Department of Conservation and Environment (VIC)
Department of Land and Water Conservation (NSW)

It was recognised that planning would require significant input from the landowners, interested community members, various service and special interest groups, commerce and industry.

In the first step of the process, a management committee met periodically to develop a framework plan, providing a blueprint for the management of Albury Wodonga regional parklands. Early management and administration was undertaken by AWDC.

In September 1996, a plan detailing the landscape and open space strategy for the region was completed. This was based on the vision of establishing
“…the most magnificent regional parklands in Australia” in partnership with the Albury Wodonga community.

In January 1997, Parklands was incorporated in both states and the Committee of Management became the Board of Directors.

In 2004, Parklands became a company, limited by guarantee. Our Vision was updated to reflect the essential role of the community in managing these precious natural parks: “Parklands, in partnership with the Albury Wodonga regional community, will help establish the most magnificent lifestyle through the development of it’s regional parklands”.