Pests and Weeds in the Albury Wodonga Area

People have made huge changes to the Australian landscape, many of which have decreased biodiversity. Aside from clearing the native vegetation, we also imported plants we thought were ‘better’ – only later to find that they do so well that they take over vast areas of land…

Our region is no exception, with many imported plants and animals now threatening our environment. There is work to be done…

The guides and links below will help you to help keep our local ecosystems healthy, from identifying pest plants and animals to options for treatment and making sure they don’t spread further.

Weed Wise Regional Prohibited and Controlled Weeds List (NSW)

List detailing what weeds are to be avoided, destroyed or controlled.

Bush Invaders

A locally produced booklet detailing the common environmental weeds found in the Albury Wodonga area, and their treatment.

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Consolidated lists of declared noxious weeds and pest animals (VIC)

List detailing what weeds are to be avoided, destroyed or controlled.

Weedscan App

An Interactive App Developed by the CSIRO to allow users to scan plants with their phone using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning to help identify potential weeds.

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Parklands Albury Wodonga undergoes projects to remove environmental weeds in the area on a large scale. However these projects require a lot of hands to make any progress. If this sounds like something you can help with, consider volunteering and check out our volunteer opportunities at the link below:

Stories of Pests, Weeds and Projects to Control Them

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Rough Diamond receiving special treatment

Box gum stewards shifting focus