Our Impact: Annual Reports

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Our Impact: Annual Reports

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“Let’s choose to leave a legacy of care and repair, one that sees humanity not only survive but thrive.” –  Joelle Gergis

Parklands are grateful for the support of government and philanthropic organisations over the past year which has enabled us to partner with communities across the region and scale up on-ground actions helping nature adapt to the changing climate.

We are pleased to be able to report on the achievements of our organisation against our Strategic and Business Plan 2021-2031.

Tree hollow in a eucalyptus branch

“If life were predictable it would cease to be life, and be without flavour” (Eleanor Roosevelt)

The past year, with all it’s unpredictability, has certainly brought with it many challenges. This has created opportunities to learn new skills and pivot in the way that we work.

Parklands Albury Wodonga is pleased to be abe to report on the achievements of our organisation over the past year against our new Strategic and Business Plan, 2021-2031.

The water of a river adapts to whatever route is available.  Learn to shift with the changing times as you keep sight of where you are going.”  (Ed and Deb Shapro) 

2020 has marked the greatest period of uncertainty and economic volatility our generation has ever faced.  Thank you to the honorary Board of Directors, staff, volunteers and partner organisations for stepping up to the challenges and opportunities with both curiosity and agility.

Parklands Albury Wodonga is pleased to report on how our organisation has sustained our efforts to deliver on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals in the way we have responded to the many challenges and opportunities, the past year has thrown our way… from bushfires to Covid19 to border closures, climate change impacts and changes impacting availability of people resources.

In 2019 PAW joined the United Nations “Make the Global Goals Local campaign” by incorporating the 17 Sustainable Development Goals into both our internal processes and external reporting. These are reflected in our Annual Report.

The year ending 30th June 2018 focused on cultivating gratitude, with the theme taken from Robert Emmond’s “Why gratitude is good” (2010). Gratitude can have transformative effects on people’s lives as well as that of organizations.

The year ending 30th June 2017 was one of celebration as Parklands Albury Wodonga marked its 20th anniversary.

The year ending 30th June 2016 has been one of listening and responding. Parklands has expanded the ways in which it hears and seeks to understand the community it serves. As a result, it has prioritised and explored new ways to engage with our community and business partners.

The year ending 30th June 2015 was one of abundance. By this we mean the diversity of partner organisations and individuals with whom Parklands Albury Wodonga worked and the volume of collective outputs and outcomes.

The year ending June 2014 was one of celebrating innovation. These celebrations ranged from informal gatherings to prestigious Awards gala dinners in Melbourne and Albury.

The year ending 30th June 2013 focused on inclusivity. Parklands Albury Wodonga actively engaged a diverse cross section of the community and stakeholders in all aspects of planning, implementation and review. New partnerships were initiated to specifically include more marginalised and isolated community members and groups.

The year ending 30th June 2012 was focused on sustainability, which we see as the important process of building inclusive and resilient communities.

2011, the breaking of the ten year drought, meant that the year ending 30th June was one of significant growth in plants, projects and workloads.

Parklands continued to achieve significant outcomes through our continued focus on ‘lots of people all doing a little’. Parklands Albury Wodonga seeks to provide leadership and continue to make a real difference through a partnership culture, where partnerships are integral to how work gets accomplished and community connections are made.

2009 was a year of moving on as we literally moved our offices to our new Lemke Rd home. Strategically, we worked to secure a more diversified role as land and recreation managers working with the regional community.

2008 was a year of great creativity as a reduced number of staff worked alongside our regional community to manage more land than ever before, with the most diversified sources of funding in our 12 year history.