A natural memorial to lost loved ones

Lester & Son Funeral Directors have operated in our community for more than 100 years. The company has always been a supporter of local community groups and charities, supporting a diversity of groups and causes.

Parklands partnered with Lester and Sons for the inaugural Memorial Planting Day in 2011. Held at the beginning of winter each year, the Lester & Son Memorial Tree Planting Day recognises the importance of caring for the local environment and giving back to the community. Staff, clients and community are invited to participate.

The plantings help to offset the company’s greenhouse gas emissions and create a natural memorial to those lost.

Lester & Son see the planting day as an opportunity to offer informal, follow up support to families, helping them through the grieving process. It gives people an opportunity to remember someone they love.

The day also has benefits for the Lester & Son team:

“As a local, family owned, full service funeral home, providing 24 hour care and support, our staff are often working in difficult situations. The planting day is a fun, social occasion where we can all enjoy each others company. At the end of the day we can stand back and be proud of our efforts. We can now go back to areas that we have already planted and enjoy the satisfaction of having been a part of making it beautiful.”