In April 1999, a joint proposal by Parklands and Regional Skills Incorporated netted the region a significant Work for the Dole program.

Supporting our community’s youth and unemployed, the program covered work related issues such as work ethics, self-esteem and opportunities for employment. It provided the participants with a sense of belonging in the community and a feeling of ownership for projects they have been involved with.

Through a collaborative partnership with Riverina Institute of TAFE (National Environment Centre), participants received accredited training in carpentry, welding, metal fabrication, fencing and natural resource management.

The program assisted over 820 people. On completion of the program 40-60% of these participants obtained substantial part-time or full-time employment, or have returned to further education.

The joint venture highlighted the effectiveness and benefits of quality community programs jointly managed by community organisations. Work for the Dole provided more than $2 million worth of  labour to the benefit of our regional parks.

The program was wound up in 2007.

Given the signficant contribution of this valued workforce and the personal growth witnessed in participants, Parklands has included details of this former partnership to demonstrate it’s value and to express our appreciation to former staff and participants.  Thank you!