Protecting Threatened Species

Initially Workways Australia approached Parklands Albury Wodonga looking for a park project to sponsor. The sponsorship of 100 nest-boxes to create habitat for the threatened species squirrel gliders and phascogale, also supported a training program being run in partnership with Regional Skills and Riverina TAFE (National Environment Centre). Long term unemployed students were able to learn new skills in the mass production of these nest-boxes, whilst achieving accredited training outcomes at the same time.

Benefit for business:

Workways is a dynamic, not-for-profit, charitable employment and community services organisation. Workways delivers programs that assist those most in need within our community in regional and remote areas offering accessible services to those disadvantaged by their remoteness.

Since 2009, Workways sponsorship of the tailored Parklands Albury Wodonga volunteer program has achieved some great results in terms of employment outcomes for longer term unemployed clients.

Each year, staff from the Albury, Wodonga and Wangaratta offices roll up their sleeves tree planting. This outdoor experience gives our staff a greater understanding of the types of activities that our clients are involved with as well as creating a social environment in which to team build and mix with clients.

Benefit for staff:

Change within the Job Services industry in recent years has placed significant pressure on staff to achieve funder driven outcomes. The “time-out” that a few hours tree planting with work colleagues is as much about staff wellbeing and mental health as it is about supporting our clients’ and community partners’ aspirations.

As the holders of the perpetual Fishy Trail Run Corporate Cup for several two years, Workways are committed to encourage our staff to live more healthily and exercise regularly.

Benefit for long term unemployed:

Workways has partnered with Parklands to provide a small, quality work experience program since 2009. With a ratio of 1:4 for the Parklands Ranger to Workways client, we have together been able to provide a diversity of hands-on training opportunities for volunteers.

It is pleasing to report that there has been a turnover of volunteers, with a number moving onto employment or further training and noticeable improvements in self esteem, self confidence and improved skill levels.

The regular and intensive work experience programs enable Parklands to undertake larger scale conservation and recreational infrastructure programs and work in remoter sites.

We take this opportunity to also thank Workways for their financial support through their Benevolent Fund, for the purchase of much needed Brushcutters and the fabrication and installation of 100 nestboxes in Hidden Valley on Huon Hill as habitat for the threatened Squirrel Glider.