In recent months, attending different activities, Parklands staff have experienced powerful introductory words extending the acknowledgment of country, so powerful we thought the idea worth sharing.

As we have all experienced, the simple act of acknowledging Country whenever we meet makes a significant difference to the way we think about our land. Acknowledging Country brings to our awareness the truth of our history and the long and continuing relationship of First Nations people with the land.

An acknowledgement of context centres us as real and present actors in the world; people who affect our world with everything we do in our daily lives, people who by making even simple changes, can do something about it.

Acknowledgement of context comes from sustainability leader Matt Wicking. His words are:

“I would like to take a moment to acknowledge the context within which we gather. We meet at a time when the human species is having an unprecedented impact on the planet. We do this at the beginning of this gathering as a reminder that the discussions we have here, the decisions we make and any actions we take as a result will have consequences for other people and other species – both those living now as well as future generations.”

Matt encourages people to use and adapt his words as a complement to and connecting with an Acknowledgement of Country. We commend them to you!

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