Along with the weather and snakes, the daily hazards of a Field Ranger now include contending with Alpacas on guard!

Of course we also deal daily with friendly sheep, amazing wildlife encounters and working in some of the best patches of bush that North East Victoria has on offer.

Our Bush Restoration Ranger team have been installing stock exclusion fences at Koetong over recent weeks with the assistance of Tallangatta Rail Trail Advisory Group volunteers. The new fences have been designed to limit the risk of barbed wire catching native wildlife, particularly bats and gliders. 

The fencing is part of our Landcare Led Bushfire Recovery project, which is creating landscape scale wildlife corridors and supporting the work of community led Friends and Landcare groups from Wodonga to Cudgewa.  The new fences enable the protection of the upper catchment of Boggy Creek. 

Thank you to neighbours for their cooperation and expertise in designing these fences to adapt to the unique challenges of this heavily timbered and rocky landscape.

The project is supported by the Australian Government’s Bushfire Recovery Program for Wildlife and their Habitat.

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