Ranger Dan was thrilled to spot a mature Lace Monitor in Baranduda Regional Park last week. The two metre long giant seemed quite happy to stay around to be filmed once it reached the safety of a tree trunk, giving Dan the opportunity for some great footage. See it here.

We are fortunate to have this grassy woodland on the edge of town, reserved and maintained for just such iconic native species. Baranduda Regional Park provides good habitat for Lace Monitors, which need multiple tree hollows and large hollow logs across a home range of more than 50 hectares.

Coincidentally, this beauty was out and about in the bush very close to the newly named Monitor Nature Trail.

New signage featuring artwork by local Indigenous artists is currently being installed throughout the park. The Monitor Trail sign, reproduced below, includes a photo of a Lace Monitor taken in the park in some years ago – possibly of the same monitor or a relative!

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