A timely article by the Bicycle Network concludes that the smartest way to avoid getting swooped by magpies in nesting season is to simply take another route and avoid their nesting sites.

Their research has shown that not one of the innovative ways that people have tried – cable ties in your helmet, umbrella, painted on eyes etc – will work in all situations. Magpies are smart and determined to protect their young!

There are a couple of great sites available to help people to avoid known magpie territories. DELWP have developed a page with information on swooping birds and magpie map showing known territories in Victoria. Another site MAGPIE ALERT! is Australia wide, has a searchable map and allows you to record new sites and stories.

See the full article from the Victorian Bicycle Network here.

Magie image credit: “MAGPIE” by NAPARAZZI is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0


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