With volunteer events soon to officially resume in February, our calendars and to-do lists for the year have once again been filled and we are ready to go!

The first major event of the year will be at Norris Ridge in Albury on Friday the 23rd of February. The day will be aimed at reducing invasive weeds and environmental pests at Norris Ridge.

Why target these plants?

Exotic and invasive environmental pests are a significant problem in our bush parks. They can quickly grow out of control if left unchecked and exacerbate their negative effects on the ecosystem, such as:

  • Reducing the quality of the food supply by providing indigestible food stuffs to animals, causing sickness, malnutrition and reduced biodiversity.
  • Disrupting the food supply by competing with native plants; depriving them of the nutrients, space and water they need to grow and provide food for our native animals.
  • Spreading! If the majority of food available to an animal are invasive weeds, then animals are more likely to disperse invasive seeds, further exacerbating the issues facing the food web.

Parklands Albury Wodonga in Partnership with Albury City Council will be holding a volunteer event at Norris Ridge aimed at reducing the amount of invasive environmental weeds. If you would like to help and take part in this event please sign up here!

Bird watchers encouraged to attend! Norris Ridge is home to several interesting species such as turquoise parrots, gang gang cockatoos and rainbow lorikeets.

No prior experience is required and tools and safety equipment will be provided on the day. All you need to bring is water, closed footwear, long pants, a long-sleeved shirt and sun protection.

We hope to see you there!

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