Between Wodonga Senior Secondary College students and Parklands volunteers, the Murray River received special treatment for Clean Up Australia day earlier this month.

Two crews paddled the river cleaning up in the space of 3 days, hauling aboard all sorts of flotsam caught in snags and eddying in the backwaters of the river.

Leading the cleanup effort, a group of 11 students joined teacher Jordan Wakeling for a float down the river from Mungabareena to Noreuil Park on March 1st. They collected rubbish from the river itself, along with a few popular landing spots. The paddle was certainly an eye opener for the students, who couldn’t believe some of the items they came across!

On March 4th, Parklands rangers Рwith the support of The Canoe Guy Рled community volunteers in 4 canoes from the Waterworks to Noreuil Park. They collected a further truck tray full of ex-inflatable rubbish like tyre tubes.

The removal of all this rubbish certainly improves the amenity for river users, but more importantly removes debris from the water that potentially poisons the river habitat as it breaks down, or poses a hazard to fish and wildlife through trapping, choking or drowning.

Thanks to all who took part in this cleanup activity. Paddling down the river is always a fun experience – pulling out rubbish along the way adds value all round. We can highly recommend it!

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